We have lacunched our new website. All your information such as Email address and login information was migrated to that website, but NO PRODUCTS or you previous orders are on it.

You can renew your account and or purchase new subscriptions.

When renewing, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU ENTER THE USERNAME YOU ARE RENEWING. THE USERNAME is the RANDOM Characters sent in the email that you use to log into the app. It can also be your email address but In most cases its not necessarily .

Please check Activation email to confirm or Website

If you do not enter a username a New Account will be created.

If Renewing a MAC Account then ensure that you enter the correct Mac address. NOTE if you are using SMART IPTV APP, then you have a M3u account and not a MAC, so please enter the username


The website can be reached at www.Hostboss.xyz

If you have any issues then you can open a ticket on www.hostboss.xyz

Friday, March 1, 2019

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